1: Kelly Reilly gets ready for the spinoff by diving deep into her character’s backstory and motivation.

2: She works closely with the writers and directors to ensure her character’s arc is seamless and engaging.

3: Kelly studies the source material, script, and previous episodes to stay true to the character’s essence.

4: Her preparation includes collaborating with the cast and crew to create a cohesive performance.

5: Kelly focuses on embodying her character’s emotions, quirks, and vulnerabilities for a compelling portrayal.

6: She refines her lines, gestures, and expressions to deliver a nuanced and authentic performance.

7: Kelly immerses herself in the world of the spinoff to bring depth and dimension to her character.

8: Her dedication to the role shines through in her on-screen chemistry and interactions with fellow actors.

9: Kelly Reilly’s meticulous preparation process for the spinoff elevates the show and captivates audiences worldwide.